Who should decide for distance study?

Distance study is intended for students who cannot participate in lectures and wish to study at home when their time allows studying. Distance study is suitable for mothers who must look after their children, for salesmen who have many business travels, for those who live far away from Ljubljana and also for disabled students.

Way of learning

Participation in distance study means that you will:

  • Read study materials several times and search for information on the Internet
  • Make notes
  • Write homework (essays, research etc.) and examinations
  • Participate in fieldwork placement
  • Use personal computer
  • Participate in initial meetings of the group
  • Communicate with the tutor or distance study team leader.

You will be acquainted with the main study materials at the beginning of each course. If lecturers prepare some more additional materials these are sent as well (slides, articles etc.).
It is very important that you put down notes: write the main thoughts and facts which you will be able to use during the examination. Notes should be made already during reading and also later when you prepare for examination. Notes can be made in a notebook, on cards, computer, study materials etc.
Even if you decide for the distance study, you can participate in lectures whenever you wish. This will help you to be better informed, to develop social contacts with your schoolmates and discuss professional and other problems. If you can, try to participate at least in the first meeting of each new course.