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Professional higher education programme

Courses of study:

- International Business with foreign languages

- International Business with Sustainable Development

- International Business and Public Administration

Name of the document and professional or scientific title:

Diploma of the first cycle of higher professional studies, graduate in international business: bachelor of science in business (VS)


Field of study:

Business and Administrative Sciences; International Business. The first cycle higher professional study programme International Business was approved by the Accreditation Senate of the Council of the Republic of Slovenia for Higher Education on 12 June 2009.


Legal status of higher education institution:

Private higher education institution, higher professional school.


Language of instruction:

Slovenian, English.


Level of education:

First cycle, higher professional degree programme, SQF 7, EQF 6, EOVK first cycle



The duration of the Higher Professional Diploma in International Business is three years. In the first year, students take 8 compulsory courses, in the second year they take 6 compulsory courses, 2 elective courses and practical training, and in the third year they take 4 compulsory courses, 2 elective courses and practical training. The practical training lasts for a total of 400 hours (20 ECTS). The study is completed by an independent professional work, a diploma (10 ECTS).


Entry requirements:

To be eligible for admission to the first year of a higher vocational education programme, candidates must have passed the final examination of a four- or five-year vocational programme or the baccalaureate or the vocational baccalaureate. In the event of a higher number of applicants than the number of places available, applicants will be selected on the basis of: their general pass mark in the general or vocational baccalaureate or the final examination (60% of the points) and their general pass mark in the third and fourth years of secondary school (40% of the points).


Mode of study:

Part-time study

Study requirements:

Students must achieve 180 ECTS and complete 400 hours of practical training. Students are promoted to the second year if they have accumulated 45 ECTS from the first year. To progress to the third year, students must have accumulated 45 ECTS from the second year and at least 52 ECTS from the first year. Exceptionally, a candidate who has been on medical treatment for a long period of time, due to chronic illness, maternity or other justifiable reasons, may be conditionally promoted to the 2nd year if he/she has accumulated 20 ECTS from the 1st year, and to be promoted to the 3rd year he/she must have accumulated 20 ECTS from the 2nd year and have at least 45 ECTS from the 1st year. Attendance at lectures and tutorials is determined by the implementing curriculum. After successfully completing all the requirements laid down in the study programme, the student defends his/her thesis.


Learning objectives and the skills and competences required by the study programme:

The fundamental objective of the International Business programme is to educate or train students to perform professional and managerial tasks in a variety of organisational systems, both in companies and in other institutions involved in international cooperation. In addition to the basic theoretical and professional knowledge of business, students acquire practical and applied knowledge for working in international business and develop the competences to plan, organise, implement and monitor work independently and to communicate in foreign languages.

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